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A Comprehensive Analysis of Engine Crankshaft Fracture

Crankshaft fracture is a serious fault for the RC model airplane, and the fracture usually occurred in the crank pin and the parts of power concentrated which connected the round corner and journal oil hole between the main journal and the crank arm.

The main reason for crankshaft fracture:

1.Some individual users choose improper engine oil, or do not pay attention to "/" clean replacement, oil long-term use of metamorphism; Serious overloading, super hung, so that run the engine overload operation for a long time and appear the tile burning failure. Once the tile burning, the RC model airplane crankshafts will be serious wear and tear. Some engine crankshaft have a one year or two years warranties, which is you can buy a new crankshaft and then send the crankshaft back to the factory for repair. Such as AGM 30 crankshaft, this item is under one year warranty from agm-engine.com.

However, some users would like to take the crankshaft to repair in small local repair factory due to the cost and time. The local repair factory will always make the crankshaft welding, machining and overall heat treatment, and then grinding to make it work normally. Due to repair methods and some problems about processing, the fillet between the crank pin and main journal has some changes which will lead to the local stress concentration. The above two is the main cause of fracture.

2. The airplane hobby engine was repaired well, and if you do not run it for a long time, and then to overload or hung it, then the engine run for overload too much, the crankshaft will get out of the limit of the maximum.

3. In the process of repairing the crankshaft, it has adopt the surfacing which has destroyed the dynamic balance of crankshaft, and do not do the balance calibration, once the unbalance excessive that will bring in engine big vibration and lead to the fracture of the crankshaft.

4. Once the engine was overloaded or ultra hang, the crankshaft will destroy at that time.

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