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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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About Us

AGM ENGINES is one division of AGM DISTIBUTOR LLC that focusses on brand RC hobby engine products. We are located primarily in the Milwaukie Oregon area and have warehouses both in this area and in China. We are not only retailers of AGM products but also representative of RC factories in China,Wholesale engines and retail,engine leasing those products from China to the USA market. Also we do recruit local drop shipper to make more part-time job for anyone who is interested in doing hobby business from the ground.

Join the AGM, let's make sure American Get More.

Why the price is so low?
We do OEM RC engines and retail them to the USA market at wholesale prices. Also we are a representative of RC factories in China and retail those products from those factories at wholesale prices too.

Who do the customer-service?
AGM DISTIRBUTOR LLC has an engine repair facility in Milwaukie Oregon for warranty and non-warranty work on most engines sold by AGM. Good service is offered based on the large quantity of stock and quick response to the buyer. Normally we would replace the goods for buyers when it is necessary. We would make sure the modelers got the goods as soon as possible to enjoy the happiness playing with it. Modeler's happy and satisfy is always our primary concern.

No need to wait for weeks even months before your engines are back from our facility. And we will not let your plane hanging in the wall cause it always desires to fly!

Can I return the goods if I do not satisfy with the purchase?
Of course, you can. Every customer can return the goods that are not used. We charge only 9% re-instock fee for it.

How can I become the drop shipper or vendor?
If you are a vendor who is interested in large volume sales directly to individual customers and distributors, or if you are a customer looking for the best price and same day shipping, AGM is here to serve you. Please contact us at sales@agm-engine.com. We will do our best to serve you.

How can I get a better price dealing with AGM engines?
Several vendors have set prices for their products. We are told that the price is X and we cannot offer a lesser price in any form of public advertising. In order to offer a lower price on those items, we have a few methods. One is to not list the price on the website, and when you purchase the item online, the shopping cart shows the off list price. We cannot say anything like "Click on the buy button for the sales price" or refer that there is any possibility of a lower price anywhere in any advertising or the website. We would advertise the price in a newsletter because this is not "public". We can also offer a combo price where we sell items at the correct price, but then add in other items or shipping them at no extra charge. If you call, we can offer any price because talking to someone in person is not advertising. We have to play by these rules or we will lose our dealership status.