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Advantages of Two Stroke Engine

As a small engine working for supplying power for our model RC airplane, two-stroke engine is used more widely. Two-stroke engine has taken a certain space in the market as a source of small gasoline engine power.

The distinctive features of two stroke engines differ from the four stroke engine is the simple structure and few movement parts. Two stroke engines do not have valves. It can simplify the structure. In addition, due to two stroke engines ignite for once after it runs for one cycle, there are more explosive than four stroke engines. These two characteristics make two stroke engines simple and portable, also with a low manufacturing cost. Engine has main parts include: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston and cylinder block.

Crankshaft is working to transform the up and down movements of the piston to circular motion, and then passes the energy of the cylinder block out from the engine output shaft by the torque.

Connecting rod
The big head and little head of the connecting rod are respectively connected to the crankshaft and piston.

Two stroke engine pistons can be designed with single and double rings. The main advantage of a single ring is the small frictional resistance, lightweight, big power, high speed and light vibration. Double rings' special design has the advantages of reliable sealing and long working life, it has a slightly limit on the stall.

Cylinder block
The cylinder bore can hold the piston in the cylinder, and there are inlet and outlet in the cylinder wall. The cylinder wall scavenging passage can transform the mixed gas from the bottom of the crankcase into the combustion chamber at the top of the cylinder block.

When compare the two stroke engine with the four stroke engine, we learn that the four stroke engine has a lower voice, fully burning, little tail gas pollution and little work vibration which are better than the two stroke engine. But the four stroke engine is suitable for the device with large power and run for a long time. Low and middle-standard engine carburetor structure is coming with float type, engine oil lubrication will supplied by the inside crankcase oil pump or left paw, that has limit the engine working angle, usually it can only suitable for flat ground; High-grade products because of the fuel pump and pressure lubrication oil pump, it can be used in the complex situations.

So, if you are choosing an airplane gasoline engine for your model airplane, two-stroke engine is the best choice for you. Because the working time, cost of the two-stroke engine is all showed that two stoke engine can do you a good job for your model RC airplane.

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