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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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AGM - 60 Limited Quantities for Leasing + $1.49/day in the US

The newest twin RC engine AGM 60cc is opening for leasing in the United States, this leasing activity is offered for all the US players to experience the perfect job done by using this AGM 60cc gasoline engine. While, there only several available for leasing in the hobby store agm-engine.com.

Leasing AGM 60cc twin RC engine has been an affordable method for most of the RC hobbyists to try to use this brand new engine with less costly. And which allows the customers to use it for 30 days or 45 days.

If you are not planning to spend more than $300 to buy the AGM 60cc gasoline engine in your cart, then you should take the leasing optional into consideration, here's why.

60cc small gasoline engine leasing for $1.49 per day

Quite simply, AGM has offered the engine leasing business, there are two options for you to select from. On one hand, you can choose to lease the AGM-60 for 30 days, and you can use this engine during the time of leasing to install it on your airplane. On another hand, 45 days leasing are also available for you. No matter which one you've chosen, a leasing fee of $1.49 per day will cost from your credit card, and you should also pay for $10.99 for the shipping fee.

For these players who have leased from AGM Company, if they found out that this RC airplane engine has done great work for them, and they want to buy it instead of send it back to AGM Company, it is also ok for them. They can contact with the customer service at this online store, and then follow requires finishing the purchasing. While for these players, AGM factory will give a big discount for them. That's to say, they only need to pay for a price which is lower than the retailer price of this product and continuing to use this AGM 60cc gasoline engine.

So leasing small petrol engine is a good choice for players who want to have a try of the performance of this item.

Twins power up, twice excitement! Hurry~

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