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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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AGM 60cc Twin Cylinder Gas Engine is Accept Pre-Order

AGM 60cc gas engine is added to the sales which now accept for pre-order at agm-engine.com. This new engine is a new design and the second engine that produced from AGM China factory.

AGM is one of the brands which researching and producing gas engine for model RC airplane. This brand is new in the market and it is focus on manufacturing gas engines and engine accessories including muffler exhaust, carburetor, and cylinder etc. The AGM 60cc gas engine is the second engine from this factory, with several advance changes in the engine, and some new technologies added, it is revealed from the developer that this gas engine will be the best engine in the 60cc range.

AGM-60 twin cylinder gas engine pre-order

This item is under producing and will be listed in the agm-engine.com. The new 60cc twin engine has two opposed cylinders providing 7.0hp of low vibration power and very smooth operation. The Ratio of Compression and Ratio of Lubricating Capacity are the same as AGM-30 engine. Compare to AGM-30, this item produces more power and performance is more consistent.

AGM Engine will also release a series of engine accessories around 60cc gas engine. All these engine parts are the original replacement of this engine. You can buy them to prepare for replacement.

Once this AGM 60 gas engine comes into the market, agm-engine.com will inform the drop shippers and wholesalers to public it on their websites or sales platforms, so that to make this item known by more players. But now all the displacements that used for AGM 60cc gas engine are provided by the retailers, so if you want to buy the replacement, you may contact with our customer service to buy these engine parts at agm-engine.com online. We will choose the warehouse to deliver the goods to you where nearest to you.

Maybe there are still players who worry about the warranty of this engine. AGM Engine offers one year warranty at present. And they are sure to offer the new item with the price lower than the same configuration of other brands.

If you want to pre-order this engine for a large amount, you may contact with the customer service by calling 001-503-515-7590 or sending message to sales@agm-engine.com to get a better price.