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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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AGM Engine Aims to Invent a Safe and Cheap RC Engine Hobby Store

AGM is an online RC hobby store that aims to invent a safe and cheap place for the RC hobbyists to buy the AGM gasoline engines from here and experience the excellent performance.

Company Name: AGM Distibutor LLC
Available products: AGM 30cc gasoline engine, hobby accessories around small gasoline engines.

What does the AGM do?
AGM sees a lot of challenges when it comes to the market. This hobby motor gives power to model airplane and support it flies a period time in the air. The company AGM Distibutor LLC, who was located in China, has built its own factory and several online hobby stores including the US, UK, Germany and etc. AGM gasoline motor is designed for offering enough power for the airplane to have a safe and steady flight when they fly in the air. The coming of AGM gasoline engine proved to be a success in the RC industry with its high quality configuration and reasonable price which can be afforded by most of RC players.

Is it easy to install this gasoline motor on my airplane?
Yes, of course. AGM gas motor is the same with other brand ones; you can install it well on your airplane in accordance with the instructions of the gasoline motor. Before you buy one item from AGM, you'd better have a detail look at the species parameters, to see whether the size is suitable for your RC airplane. After you receive this hobby gas engine, please try to install it on the airplane and enjoy its performance.

Is it safe for me to buy it from your hobby store?
AGM has done their best effort to make the shopping environment safe. We have used a server of security insurance systems to make your personal information safe. We would never reveal your information to any three parties. And for your payment, we promised that all the payments are through the formal firm and with strict protection.

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