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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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AGM offers big discounts model RC engine shoppers

Good News! AGM Company is now offering a big discount for its wholesalers and drop shoppers before the Christmas holiday. While for the new members who have joined in this company, they are be able to enjoy a super deal offered by this company. What's more, large holidays are always a way for these retailers to sell a big sale and also making much profit from that.

For most of the RC retailers, I think you must have heard about the AGM model RC airplane engine in the market. Even though it is a new brand and only appeared for less than a year, this product has won a great reputation for its excellent quality and wonderful performance. Especially the first engine of AGM 30cc, this gasoline engine entered into the market with several great characters and durable materials like the Walbro carburetor and CM6 style smoke muffler. After a few months later, the AGM 60cc twin cylinder engine also introduced by AGM, this engine seems to be better than AGM 30 with its special designs.

While comparing the price of the two engines, you may find that AGM 30cc gas engine is much cheaper than the 60cc. 30cc is selling only for $179.99 while the latter item for $399.99, so most of the users prefer to choose the first engine for their model aircraft engines to have it for a try first.

Since AGM is a new brand and which is still expanding its business in different countries and cities, at present, it has set warehouses in the United States, UK and Germany, also several distributors have joined in with AGM Company. But that is not enough, for these players who lived in some other countries; they must need to wait for a few days to receive the goods. In order to sell the AGM gasoline engines, AGM airplane engines parts and RC accessories to as much as countries, AGM offers big discounts for the wholesalers and drop shippers who can sell the products in their local place.

The detail price list of wholesale and drop shipping AGM products will be sent to you once you have sent a query to the customer service. You can contact with them by sending email to sales@agmengine.com or call them at Phone: 503-515-7590.

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