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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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AGM's $399.99 Twin Airplane Engine works with Most Airplanes

AGM have done several tests on whether its new AGM 60cc twin cylinder engine which will sell for $399.99 in the United States and will work with a variety of model RC airplanes.

AGM's new twin engine seems drew much attention than the first AGM 30cc, although the price of this product is higher than the former one and this new item is only available for pre-order at present. Most of the players are waiting for its coming and then will buy it for their airplanes.

AGM-60 twin ariplane engine

Unlike AGM 30cc gasoline airplane engine, this AGM 60cc is an upgrade product which has combined the advantages of the first one and added some other technologies, also there are some changes for this new product, such as the two opposed cylinders, and the muffler are all designed to make it much suitable for the airplane, and offer a smooth and stable flight for the players.

Up to now, there are still some players who are wondering about the quality of AGM gas engines. They do not dare to spend their money on purchasing such a new brand, because that means they will take some risks to try to use this gasoline engine. But imagine that, no matter what gasoline engine you've used, there will always be something happens if you are not so lucky.

From what AGM users' reviews, we can know that AGM has done well on its quality, although there has happened with some small problems on two buyers, the AGM Company worker has solved the problems for the customers for the first time. In one word, AGM has done good works either in the products' quality or the customer service.

The AGM 60cc twin RC engine will be available for purchasing on Oct 21th through the online stores. And other dealers or online store retailers will also sell it to the players.

AGM-60 twin airplane engine is designed to performance smoother and fly in the air with stronger power. At present, most of the players are still watching this product and do not make their own order to own it. But once there are more and more RC players who have bought this gasoline engine and it proved to be a good product worth the money, there will be more flyers add into purchasing this AGM 60cc twin cylinder gasoline engine at that time.