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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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Difference between AGM-30 Ignition and AGM-60 Ignition

As some players who have played the AGM 30cc airplane engine may find that it is a powerful and economy engine and most of the components are made up by durable materials such as the Walbro carburetor and pitts muffler, AGM has combined them well with the great quality.

While for the newest AGM 60cc twin cylinder gasoline engine, it is said to be the "highest quality but with the lowest price twin engine" in the market, this new item has collected the advantages of AGM 30cc and also with some other good factors of other twin engines.

For the both engines, there are some places in the same, and some are different. If you are interested in AGM gasoline engines, you must find that AGM makes all of its gasoline engines with Walbro carburetors, and AGM ignitions with different modes.

AGM-30 RCEXL automatic advancing ignition AGM-60 twin engine ignition
AGM-30 ignition AGM-60 ignition

AGM 30cc gasoline engine is coming from a RCEXL automatic advancing ignition (CDI) for the airplane, which is manufactured by the professional factory with high quality. This ignition is a one-cap electronic ignition and can give you a simple start, and then offer you better performance and minimal RF noise with 4.8v-6.0v ignition battery.

However, the AGM 60cc twin engine using its ignition of an RCEXL ignition CDI for CM 6 style spark plug, power supply with 4.8v-8.4v and this ignition is different from the AGM-30 ignition. It is a two-cap ignition for twin RC engine.

As some of you may wondering that why the ignition used for 30cc is different from AGM 60cc, that is because AGM-60 is a twin cylinder engine, so the ignition is also comings with two ignition caps to make it easy to start. However, for the 30cc gasoline engine, it is a single cylinder which only requires an ignition with one-cap to start it and makes the gasoline engine work.

So before you choose an ignition as a replacement for your gasoline engine, you should pay attention to select the correct one which is suitable for your engine.