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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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Dropshipping and Wholesale

AGM-Engine.com provides all kinds of model aircraft engine and accessories for drop shippers, wholesalers, vendors and bulk buyers with professional customer service and the lowest possible prices. You are able to get low prices even on small quantities and make money by sourcing directly from the low cost source. Please contact us at sales@agm-engine.com.

What benefits will you get?
• Increase your sales/profit
• Complete your product range
• Better your customers' experience (Order ships within 24-48 hrs)
• Eliminate or reduce your cash-flow constraint (No MOQ)

How can I get a better price dealing with AGM Engine?
Several vendors have set prices for their products, but we do not have a public one, all of our dropshipping and wholesale price are secret. So if you want to get a lower price on those items, you may follow with the below methods:

1.Call us at 503-515-7590
2.Subscribe our newsletter
3.Contact us via email

How to join and how dropship works?

dropshipping flow

Step 1: Open your account on AGM-Engine.com, and contact one of our sales representatives to join in our program. Our salesman will send you the policy, secret price, product pictures and other materials that you may need.

Step 2: Place the items in your website or online sale platform like eBay. And setting your own price and list the products for sale.

Step 3: You need to place the order on AGM-Enigne.com what your customer has ordered from you, and mark it as a drop shipping order.

Step 4: AGM Engine will ship the item directly to your customer in your name. Your customers are still satisfied and loyal to you.

Wait a minute!
What you need to know:

1. If you have your own shopping site or conduct sales through online sale platform like eBay, that can increase your business by joining AGM Engine wholesale and dropshipping program.

2. We offer dropshipping service to merchants all over the world; but recently, we only ship to USA.

3. AGM Engine ships to your customers within 24-48hrs and your customers will get parcels within 1-5 working days based on their destinations.

4. AGM Engine only accepting PayPal payment at present.

Thank you for your trust in AGM Engine, if you have any questions about our products or customer service, please feel free to call us at 360-262-6346 or send an email to sales@agm-engine.com, we are glad to help you!

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