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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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Electric Motors or Gas Motors for RC Plane

Many RC Plane fans have the options of whether to choose a gas Motors or an electric Motors for a flight (read our post Tips When Converting RC Gas Engines to Electric). Some are prefer electric powered plane nowadays. Let's find out the differences between electric plane and gas powered planes.

Electric planes are more suitable for aircraft model beginners as it's easy to operation. Also they are cheaper and specially made for new players, so they have easily replaceable components. Electric motors are not as expensive as gas motors. They are easy to operate, and do not need fussy maintenance like oiling or lubrication. An electric motor will almost always start up and give you consistent power.

As for gas engines, they usually make a lot of noises which restrict the fields of flight. If the testing filed is in public, you may have to consider the feelings of others to avoid complaints. And also, the ignition system of gas engines has certain interferences to radio controlled devices. Besides these features, RC gas engines are mainly used for large scale model aircrafts as they are more powerful and energy-lasting.

With an electric powered RC aircraft, there's far less noise and you are able to fly without worrying about complaints. You can even fly an electrical plane in a spacious in-door hall. Also, electrical engines are easier to install without the required of other components such as clutches for mounting gas motor. This makes the electrical engines fantastic for use on any kind of RC plane.

While, since electric engine was powered by battery, it has a super strict require to batteries. The batteries used for aircraft model should have large capacity to maintain long time use, excellent heat-resisting features to avoid overheating or explosion. As the advance of battery technology, these problems will be solved sooner or later.

Generally speaking, whether to choose electrical plane or gas powered plane is a matter of choice for yourself. Both of the two types can bring great pleasure to modelers. As long as you can have fun during flight, either electrical plane or gas RC plane is good.