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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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Engine for lease

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    Each engine under this lease has pre-run by its manufacturer and is not fully breaking. It's suggested that the lessee pre run the engine on a test stand or install this engine on the model plane for about one hour running to familiarize himself with the operation.

  • 2

    The lessee agrees that during the term of lease, the lessor (AGM) is not liable for any forced landing, crash or other accidents that can lead to any sort of injuries or damages caused by the engine under this lease.

  • 3

    Both sides agree that the ownership of the engine under this lease remains with the lessor (AGM). The lessee agrees on the rental of either 1) USD29.70 for 30 days; or 2) USD44.00 for 45 days. The agreed rental shall be fully prepaid via PAYPAL to the lessor (AGM).

  • 4

    Lessee pay both way shipping fee and the send out fee from AGM is fix rate as $9.99.

  • 5

    The lessee agrees that the engine under this lease should be returned to the lessor (AGM) via post at the cost of the lessee after the lease expires.

  • 6

    The lessee agrees that the engine returned to the lessor has been properly cleaned to keep its surface clean, and is packed by its original packing. All the parts and accessories attached to the engine should all be returned along with the original packing.

  • 7

    Should any accidents occur to the engine during the term of lease, such as collision or crash that would cause replacement of parts, the lessee agrees to pay for the replacement cost as proposed by the lessor (AGM). The lessor (AGM) agrees that the replacement cost under such circumstances should not exceed 60% of the retail price of the parts to be replaced.

  • 8

    The lessor (AGM) will notify the lessee via phone call or email 7 days before this lease expires. The lessee can either renew the lease, or terminate the lease and return the engine to the lessor (AGM) upon expiry of this lease. The lessor (AGM) offers 2 more days free of charge as of the lease expiry date for the lessee to dismantle and pack the engine. (Shipping time not including this term)

  • 9

    The lessor (AGM) will offer the lessee coupons up to 50% of the rental, if the lessee will purchase engines of the same model as the one under this lease. The coupons can be used for purchase of new engines as deduction.

Available for lease and sale