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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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How to Adjust Gas Engine for Your RC Model Airplane?

The correct way to use and maintenance of the airplane hobby engine is the key to long the engine service life.

Adjust gasoline engine is basic courses for RC airplane hobby players. Following information is not specific to any one engine and is intended as a general guideline.

Oil: use the fuel not less than 20% of castor oil fuel or no less than 15% synthetic lubricant, general methane is strictly prohibited in the running-in fuel (unless you have no oil pure) and you are required to run in the engine with rich oil.

Keep in mind and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for oil to gas mixing ratio.

The running-in oar: You should use a bigger size oar than normal use OARS.

The fix of the engine, you should tighten the engine at a safe test place or on the airplane, or you may also ask a friend to help you. There strictly forbidden some people to stand near the line of the rotation of the propeller, you should stand behind or in front of the propeller to operate the airplane engine when you should to do some adjustments.(Read 15 Tips for Using the RC Model Airplane Engine)

The adjustment of the needle: for all the engines, the setting of the needle is the standard parameters of the carburetor from the original factory. You should open the large main oil needle (Read also Oil Needle Adjustments on Different Types of RC Hobby Engine) and idle needle for half a circle to prepare for using different standards fuel for the engine.

Test: Please use the battery with no more than 1.5v battery voltage to connect into the glow plug, and running-in 10-15 minutes with 1/3 opening of the carburetor, and 20 minutes for 2/3, while it will only need 5 minutes with fully opening. You should extend the piston grinding time once there is a piston ring, and using the oar to run for 5-10 minutes after the first test. You are required to do the same actions till there is no black oil and metal particles; you can adjust the oil injection according to the actual situation. Please use the starter or start bar to help you start the airplane engine; do not start the engine directly by hand!

Notes: RC model airplane engine is not a toy; you should take good care of your safety during playing it. If there is oil entered into your eyes, you must clear it by water or seeing a doctor immediately.

If you are still having problems, feel free to contact our specialized persons. We are always willing to help.

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