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How to Adjust the Speed of Two-Stroke Electric Engine?

When asked about how to adjust the speed of a two-stroke engine, usually, we should do some adjustments on that. It is not easy for beginners to adjust the speed of the electric engine well.

First, you should use the exhaust vent to bear the pressure and to make sure the red heat of the glow plug, and then to reduce the volume of the fuel mixture into the combustion chamber at the same time.

Second, to change the volume of the fuel mixture entered into the combustion chamber by limiting the air flow which entered into the crankcase.

Third, when the engine speed reduced, you should make the gas ratio of the fuel mixture reduced in low speed.

Fourth, use some special methods to adjust the gas ratio at idle speed.

The first and second way is almost the same used in all kinds of engines. Muffler silencer do not need to adjust itself, you only need to make sure that it is tightly connected with the throttle. Once the muffler silencer loose, the engine will probably be stopped at the low speed landing, so you should make the muffler silencer tightly installed in the engine. While the second way is using a rotating valve drums to make it effective, but we can also use some other ways to reach this goal. Such as: Walbro has produced a carburetor which uses a sliding plate to control the amount of air into the crankcase while most of the carburetors are still using a limited screw to limit the rotating valve drums.

The most difficult to adjust are the third and fourth points, if the factory has done good on these two speed adjustment factors, then the users can understand it better and use it to make it the best performance. Even for the electric engine which is hard to reach the idle speed, we can also adjust the rotation speed to a certain degree to meet the demand for landing.

Stay tuned for more tips.

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