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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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How to Choose the Best Gasoline Engine?

Find a good model RC best gasoline engine for your airplane can be a difficult thing for many RC modelers. There are many factors you need to take into consideration, such as whether the engine is produced with great quality, is the price of the item seems reasonable, and whether it will be suitable for my model airplane. There are all kinds of gasoline engines and brands are listed in the market, how to choose and where to buy an engine really suitable for you is a necessary thing.

Buying gasoline engines online may be a good idea if you are familiar with dozen of professional websites and manufactures. It can get a bit risky though when it comes to the quality, but it can save you time and hassle. What's more, it can even save you money due to there may be some special online deal or discounts you can make benefits from that.

Take agm-engine.com for example, you can find there are AGM-30cc airplane engine and some accessories in the store, AGM Engine has offered several reward and discounts to attract new customers or call old customers back. Such as the referrer and save program, users can referrer their friends to this site, and they both can get $5 discount coupon on purchasing their engine. And in some ways like share a video of your flying with AGM engine, you can get a free gift and coupon from the store.

However, if you can't make a decision at this time, we'd like to suggest you to choose the one who offers leasing engine service. By spending a very low cost you can test the quality and performance of an engine yourself. This is very popular nowadays.

Inspired by car leasing, many suppliers launch out engine leasing service for RC enthusiasts. This is great way for customers to make a good decision while it will not waste them much money. In the other way, merchants especially for NEW brand who want to establish their reputation in RC industry get great benefits from this special service.

fly before purchase it

So what are the features of engine leasing service? At AGM Engine, for example, the advantages are list in below:
•Brand New Engine
•No Initial Payment
•Full Manufacturers Warranty
•$29.70 Available for 30 Days
•Expiry 45 Days for $44
•$9.99 Handling Charge
•100% Security Insurance
•Reliable Delivery Method
•Safe PayPal Payment
•Friendly Customer Service
•50% off the Rental Coupon for New Engine Purchase

There are so many people told you how to choose a good gasoline engine (manufacture, material, durable, performance, warranty, customer service, read reviews and more), while we'd like to say, testing is the most important.

So what do you think about this topic, and will you choose to lease engine to test first before purchase it? Feel free to share your opinions with us.