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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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How to Find the Right Gas Engine for Your RC Model Airplane?

You should first keep in mind that to find what you need rather than what you want when you deciding to buy a gas/petrol engine for your RC model airplane. Many times we are tending to buy an engine for our airplane not due to its work matching well with our airplane but attracted by the low price or appearance of the engine. Or when we see some engines are offering with the promotion price, we might buy it in and do not consider whether this engine is suitable for our model airplane. At that time, we might always break our budget and waste some money anyway.

So we should learn clearly when we purchasing a gas/petrol engine

Which gas engine is best suitable for your airplane?

Which one do you prefer, two-stroke or four-stroke?
What is the idle speed do you want?
Do you require a high speed gas engine to support your RC airplane?
Will the engine fit into your RC airplane?
Do you want to have this engine in lightweight or heavyweight?

How much can you afford for the gas engine?

No matter if you are going to make a RC model airplane by yourself or buy the whole airplane to run, you should make sure that how much can you afford for this airplane. If you are planning to compose the RC model airplane, you should buy the components according to your economy. Make sure that the cost is likely to fit your budget.

Buying gas engine vs. leasing?

You should learn clearly about the advantages and disadvantages of both of them, and then make your own decision according to your needs.

Advantages of buying gas engine
1. You can own it for all life, and if you take good care of this gas engine, it can be used for several years.
2. You can also sell it out once you do not want to use it anymore. All the rights are belonging to you.

Advantages of gas engine leasing from online store
1. You are only needed to pay for a few days for owning this engine and use it for a certain period.
2. You can enjoy the fun brought by the new engine, and do not need to pay more time on maintaining this engine. Once you do not want to use it, just return it back to the sellers.

The same thing for both of them is that you need to responsible for the improper use or broken which caused by yourself.

How to test whether the gas engine suitable for your airplane?

First, you should install the engine into your RC airplane, and then try to adjust the engine to make it run normally. The process of adjusting the airplane gas engine may took a long time; you should follow the user manual or ask some skilled person to help you. Besides, you may also ask the customer service about the problems you've happened from the store you bought your engine from.

After adjusting the engine well, and then you are going to fly your airplane in the air, make sure that the flight must be safe. If the engine still works well and do not match for your RC model airplane, you may consider to change for another one.

Any question? Feel free to contact our professional customer service.

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