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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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How to Install AGM-30 Engine on Your Airplane?

Installing gas engine on bird is one main facet to RC airplane hobbyists. Flying and building can be as orthogonal as you wish. It is not hard to learn, not difficult to remember, and easy to use. The following AGM-30 engine installation guide will make your RC flying safer, a lot more funner!

1. Prepare the engine for installation
Before proceeding, you need to check carefully your AGM-30 gasoline engine to make sure all screws and bolts are tight; there is no crack, broken or missing parts.

2. Drill mounting bolt holes
Usually, you can use the engine measurements or template included with the parcel to drill the engine mounting bolt holes, but you have to be able to measure accurately. This step is very simple but important.

3. Install the standoffs to engine
Attach the supplied standoffs, 5 x 25mm SHCS and 5mm flat washers to AGM 30cc engine, and then use (4) 5 x 20mm SHCS, 5mm lock washers and flat washers (which is not included in package) to install your engine to firewall.

4. Install the fuel tank in the airframe
As the picture show below, one line should go to the carburetor and the other is to be used as a vent, then install the third line to be used as fills line. The third line is the cleanest and easiest way to add fuel. It is recommended to use only gasoline approved fuel tank and fuel lines and a gasoline approved stopper.

fuel tank install

5. Install the throttle servo
It is recommended to use a non-metallic linkage to install the throttle servo and keep it away from your engine at least 12" [305mm]. And it is important to get the carburetor's full range of rotation with your servo travel.

thottle servo install

6. Ignition and spark plug connection
The Engine ignition system has two tasks to perform: send an extremely high voltage to the spark plug then creating a spark strong enough to ignite the air/fuel mixture for combustion and control exact right time. Use the ignition module wire to connect the spark plug.

AGM-30 set up

7. Muffler installation
Use threadlocker to install muffler on your engine, and make sure keep the ignition wire away from muffler.

8. Cowl
Make sure the cowl is secured to the airplane, cut all necessary clearance, carburetor adjustment, cooling, and exhaust holes in the cowl.

Only install your AGM-30 30cc gasoline engine on a 3/8" [9.5mm+] firewall that can be securely glued to the airplane. Due to the high power of the engine, never install it onto a firewall thinner than specified.

More installation guide please read "Install Engines for Your Own Model Plane".