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How to Replace the Plug Sparks for Your Hobby Engine?

For the RC hobbyists, most of us do not have strange for the plug sparks. Because it is used to discharge high voltage transferred from the high voltage wires, breakdown of the air between the two electrodes of spark plug to produce electric spark and then burning the mixture in the cylinder. Basic conditions for high characteristic hobby engine are including: high energy and stability sparks, well-proportioned mixture and high compression.

If there are carbon depositions or product oil in the spark plug, you can use gasoline or kerosene, acetone solvent to soak it. And when the carbons become soften, use the non-metallic brush to clean the carbon depositions in the spark plug and dry it with compression air. Do not use a knife, abrasive paper to clean it, otherwise, that will do harm for the electrode and porcelain insulators.

Adjust the spark plug gap inspection

Gap Measurement: Use special measure gauge or thickness gauge to check the gap, but usually the thickness gauge measured value is not very accurate.

Gap adjustment: Use the professional tool to flip the side electrode to adjust, do not flip or hit the center electrode.

Note: When adjusting the multipolarity spark plug gap, you should make each side of the electrode and the center electrode gaps keep the same as much as possible. Each cylinder spark plug gap should be basically consistent. The spark plug is related to the using conditions, in different temperature, the gap is also different.

Steps for disassembling and installing spark plug.

1. You should disassemble the high tension line joint smoothly, do not use too heavy power, otherwise, it will damage the seal character of the spark plug.

2. Disassembling the gas engine when it gets cooling, loose all the components on the spark plug, and then use a soft tube to blow off all the dirt around the spark plug to avoid the dirt enters into the combustion chamber. Around the screw, the spark plug electrodes and the gasket must be kept clean, dry and without oil, otherwise it will cause the electric leakage, gas leakage and spark weaken.

3. When installing the spark plug, you should match the spark plug with the screw hole and twist it slightly to make it enter into the hold. Please note that the screw must be matched well into the hole and without any other thing around it.

4. You should tighten the screw according to the requirement, if it is too loose then that will cause gas leakage, and too tight will lead to the sealing gasket loss of the elasticity.

Spark plug is a critical part for your flying. It can keep the hobby engine running smoothly, cleanly and efficiently. Read carefully the step by step tips and maintain or replace it all by yourself. It is easy and interesting task.

Let me know if you have any problems.

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