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How to Sell Your Old Model Gasoline Engine?

Have you ever wondered that what should you do when you get rid of your old gasoline engine? Do you think it is a bit of wasting for you to throw them since they are good operating, and is it takes up too much room to stay them?

If you are tired of using the same model engine or want to buy an advanced one to replace it, why not sell the old one to these RCers who are in need of that and buy a new one for yourself?

Maybe you can list the old partner on trading area of those RC forum communities and to sell it for some money, here are some tips you can follow.

First of all, go through all of your gasoline engines you want to sell and put them together. You should make sure that all the gasoline engines are able to work normally, and parts should not wear too much and the items were kept clean.

Second, take photos of these small petrol engines you want to sell, be sure to take more photos from different angles. Marked the detail information about these old small model gasoline engines (including the product's name, specification, purchasing time, and are there any records of repairing, price and so on),

Third, looking for second-hand transactions sites to post your advertisement, you can post them in the RC professional forums, newspaper stands, news boards in stores, or the sites specialized in selling the old things, anywhere really! You should make sure that to make clear about your shipping way, the expired time of the advertisement, and the payment way you can accept etc!

Is that your goods can sell to the other countries, is there any warranty for your model gasoline engines, do you have the original proof-of-purchase to prove that the gasoline engine you've bought were genuine and without any quality problem. You should also note that the selling price should not be too expensive, because the petrol airplane engine is used and other players might not want to spend too much money for it.

For example, you have bought an AGM 30cc from agm-engine.com before and this item has used for more than two months, but now you are tired of using it anymore and want to buy the AGM 60cc that has more power for your RC airplane. That is a waste for you to throw the former engine out since it has spent you several money, at that time, you may consider to sell this old AGM 30cc model aircraft engine to someone who are in need it and do not want to spend the whole cost to buy a new one.

That's really a win-win trading for both of you, not only save you money, but also make your flight more interesting!

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