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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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How to Use and Maintain Gas Engine Spark Plug?

As we all know, spark plug is an essential part of gas engine, it helps fuel combustion in engine. If you choose the gas engine to support your model RC airplane, then a good spark plug will become more important for you.

So how to use and maintain the spark plug has become a must know for the RCers.

How to install the spark plug correctly?

Usually, spark plug is screwed into the cylinder head with a single-use hollow or folded metal washer which is crushed slightly between the flat surface of the head and that of the plug.

AGM-30 engine spark plug

1. You should choose the prescribed specifications and models of the spark plug, and install it in your gas engine according to the instructions.

2. You should keep the contact surface between the spark plug and the gas engine clean and neat.

3. When you install the spark plug, it must be equipped with a copper washer so that to ensure the sealing of cylinder.

4. You'd better use the torque wrench when you wring your spark plug, and to screw up the spark plug according to the specified torque. If there is no torque wrench, you can tighten up the spark plug in your hands, and then use the socket spanner to screw it for 3/4 cycle.

How to maintain the spark plug?

Generally, the four-stroke gas engine needs to be removed, clean and adjust the gap between the spark plug when it worked for 100-200h while two-stroke engine working for 30-50h.

1. Clean: You should put the spark plug into gasoline, and using the brush to clean the dirt or you may also use the knife to remove the sediment gently. Do not use the metal brush to wash it and fire the dirt instead of cleaning it is also prevented.

2. Adjustment: You should adjust the gap between the spark plug in accordance with the regulations of the manual on a gasoline engine after the spark plug cleaned and dry it well.

3. Keep spark plug insulator part clean, so that to avoid it affects the normal work of the gas engine.

The spark plug can use for a long time with a correct installation and maintenance, if you do not clean and adjust it well, that will probably affect the work of the gas engine.

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