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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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Insight into AGM-30cc Airplane Gas Engine

Want to gain a deeper and more strategic insight into AGM-30cc Airplane Model Engine? Stay with me for a while. I will give you compete understanding of what I am capturing and explaining to you.

The fundamental basic is that AGM-30 gas/oil engine has been purposefully engineered to give unmatched and unbeatable flight performance. It offers fantastic power output for its size – 3.7HP @ 8500rpm at the most competitive rates.

AGM30 Gas engine

AGM-30 gas engine comes with ignition and muffler that are seamlessly integrated for that flawless flying. Its lightweight and made-for-flight design are pulled around with such ease that you cannot compare it with any others. Known for the best power-to-weight ratio performance and timing automatically adjusts for peak power throughout the rpm range; it is above all the sky rules!

The engine is a main focal point and is the "heart and soul" of your bird. A lot of noises people think is from the engine, attach the AGM30 engine on your bird and you will hardly noticed any noise drop with them. It assists in providing a smooth and predictable flight character.

The CDI Ignition is only 120g and looks to be quite a bit smaller than the Rcexl units for CM-6 plugs. Another big feature I must mention is maintenance. It is suggest using fresh or recently purchased 93 octane gasolines (87 Octane gasoline will suffice) with a 30:1 gas/oil mixture, which can keep your engine cleaner than other type engines after long time using. With the higher fuel saving and lower maintenance costs, it ensures that owning this AGM30 engine is a pleasure. Additionally, you can have a glance of our other posts: How to Tune a RC Gas Engine and How to Install AGM-30 Engine on Your Airplane.

AGM30 30cc airplane engine

Features of AGM30 30cc engine are as follows:
1. Static Thrust: 8.5KG Pulling Force/ 100 meters Altitude, 7.5KG Pulling Force/1800 meters Altitude
2. Carry CM6 plugs or equivalent, CM6 spark plug with spare ignition wire spring
3. Electronic Ignition module w/ additional tachometer lead
4. Long heavy duty throttle control arm
5. 2C Regular Gasoline mixed 30:1 (Mineral based for breaking, synthetic thereafter)
6. Auto advancing electronic Ignition and matching muffler, and much more.

Customers can purchase it at $149.99 from AGM brand RC hobby engine products online shop; the lowest price is only available in July. AGM engine brings advanced, improved, and innovative hobby products to market.

Hope these valuable insights will help you in focusing its features. All these insights will force you to have a quick look to it, so if you visit AGM engine, you will also find its key features and specifications. Happy Flying!