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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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Install Engines for Your Own Model Plane

Installation of model airplane engines is interesting to many enthusiasts. It won't take too much time as long as you have a clear knowledge about what to do next.

Adjustment of Engine
The first thing is to make sure where to mount your engine: upside down, right side up or sideways. And do not forget to protect the firewall with fire resistant coating.

The following steps need to do are check the thrust angle, install the fuel take and throttle linkages. Then regulate the cowling to ensure enough cooling air and easy access to the fuel adjustment needles.

Mount the engine uprightly can make start easier as the position of the carburetor in relation to the fuel mounted in the RC airplane. While this way maybe not suitable for airplane models with a cowling. Mount it sideways is better than upright way.

Mount of Engine
There is a thick firewall attached with a removable engine mount on every RC plane. These engine mounts can be either aluminum or fiberglass filled nylon. Some are two-piece designs, some are adjustable, and some have clamps to hold the engine in place. Modelers need to determine how far forward or backward the engine should be mounted. Follow the instruction strictly and find the exact place for the back plate of the spinner.

Then mount the engine to the firewall and position it to make sure the back plate of the spinner is in the right location. You can use the sticky glue to hold the engine. Then mark the holes and distance around other mounting tabs. Please do not squeeze the mounting bars, just make sure the engine is bolted to the mount smoothly. Otherwise it may throw off the thrust angle or even crack the mount.

The following steps should be much careful. Use a drill press or standard hand drill to drill holes straightly according to the former mark. Once the holes are drilled simply bolt the engine mount to the firewall, and bolt the engine to the mount. Your model airplane engine is now mounted.

Mounting of other accessories will be introduced later.