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Petrol Engine or Diesel engine, Which One is Better?

There are different types of hobby engines in the RC airplane industry, and petrol and diesel are used more commonly. There are some differences between these two different kinds of engines, but not everyone knows it well and can choose the best engine for their RC airplane well. Here I would like to talk about the differences of the two engines and give you some useful tips:

From the technically, they are almost the same way of operating. The petrol needs an ignition device to make it start, while the diesel engine does not need. And petrol motor needs the fuel oil to a certain proportion to mix; you cannot use the wrong fuel to add into the engine. However, the diesel has a compression ignition system which has played an important role during operating. Both of them are running with cylinders, and the fuel enters into the carburetor and the piston move in the engine. But in diesel engine, they need air to be compressed, and it will get hot when it was compressed with high pressure.

Petrol has little pollution release, and it is lightweight which is suitable for the airplane in small size and light. However, diesel due to its heavy weight and it is not so easy to explosive while the petrol is quite explosive. Due to petrol engine has a much lower vapor point, so it has more quick speed of evaporates than a diesel one. In one word, the difference between petrol engine and the diesel engine is the speed of the oxidation reaction, diesel combusts slowly and petrol engine fast.

Choose suitable fuel oil for your airplane gasoline engine, the fuel oil of these two motors are not the same. You can distinguish them from the color of the containers, or from their UN number to make clear that what fuel is used for the petrol motor, and what is used for the diesel. When you put the two fuel oils into tank, you cannot put the petrol in a yellow container and the diesel is also not allowed to put into a red container. Make sure that you have made clear about the above tips, and then make your own choice of using a petrol engine or diesel engine to support your RC airplane run in the air.

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