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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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Poll: AGM Engine Leasing or Purchasing Which One Do You Prefer?

Agm-engine.com as an RC hobby store has offered a business of small gasoline engine leasing for all the players in the United States. Leasing service has brought more convenient for the US customers, but it also brought in some debates. When asked about whether AGM will continue to offer the aircraft engine leasing in the coming days, Tony Lee, the CEO of this company said that: "AGM Company will always offer leasing business for the whole of US players above 18 years old, and we are considering to release more gas engines for leasing so that most of the RC hobbyists can choose what they want from here."

That's to say, AGM Company will continue to offer its leasing service in the US, while have you ever leased a gasoline engine from that hobby store yet? If you are an RC hobbyist, will you choose to lease a gas engine from agm-engine.com or purchase it from here?

Here is a vote, if you are an RC player, which do you like better?

A: Leasing a gas engine

B: Purchasing a gas engine

AGM Company has updated its products with new options, there was only the AGM 30cc for lease last month, and only few people who have chosen to lease a new gas engine from this hobby store. Players thought that to lease a gas engine from this store is a complex process for them, since they can only use it for a certain time of 30 days or 45 days, after they have end of the period, they are required to send the gas engine they've leased back to the retailer. It is really a waste of time for them.

At the same time, AGM Company has done a survey on the customers who have leased gas engines from this hobby store, and they've found that most of the customers are students, and they are prefer to lease a gas engine to play it for a month or 45 days, it is an affordable for them.

However, many RCers would be rather to buy a new one directly from the online store that is mainly due to the price is ultra low. And when comparing configurations with other brands gas engines, AGM showed a higher cost performance. So they have chosen to buy it from AGM factory, and the results have also satisfied them.

While, if you are wondering to fly with a new brand gasoline engine, will you choose to lease a gasoline engine or buy one from agm-engine.com?

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