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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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Proper Use and Maintenance on Model Aircraft Engine

With the development of the model airplane, as the heart of the model airplane, airplane engine has drawn much attention from the RC hobbyists. Speaking of the price, engine seems to be a little bit expensive. Take the AGM 30cc gasoline engine for example, this engine is sold for $179.99 at agm-engine.com, and the price is belonging to the middle level. That's no doubt to be a little higher to be accepted by some teenagers. So to take good care of your engine has become very important.

Dismantling and cleaning the engine

Model aircraft engine is all deal with oil seal antirust before they go out of the factory to prevent parts rusted in the process of storage and transportation. Remove and clean the engine: to remove sealing grease, prevent plugging into the vent and the carburetor, and look at whether there are defects of all parts.

1. Remove and clean
Using the random tool of the engine to remove the bonnet and crank shaft cover on the casing and put them into a clean container, then to remove the piston, connecting rod, cylinder from casing, and remember the relative position of each part. Using the 180# gasoline to clean them one by one, and then put them on a strong water paper to make it dry naturally.

2. Assembly
Every part of the airplane should be thin coated with a layer of castor oil on its surface before assembly and then install them according to the order of removing.


1. What fuel?
All fuel should use chemical reagent, and the high impurities of industrial preparation should not be used as fuel. Methanol should be colorless transparent clear liquid, such as if it becomes yellow. That means methanol contains more water and not be used as fuel. Airplane fuel should also be the same, if it is looked yellow, then that to say it has contained too much oil. When you use this kind of oil to run your model airplane, then the heat dissipation effect will be worse. Castor oil should be sticky pale yellow liquid; it should not contain obvious suspended particles and impurities.

2. The ratio of fuel

  • The heat fuel using for practice: 75% methanol, 25% castor oil;
  • Using for competition: yeast 80%, 20% of castor oil;
  • Burning fuel pressure for practice: 30% ethyl ether, 40% of kerosene, castor oil by 30%;
  • Using as competition: ether 35%, coal and oil 35%, castor oil 25%.

As a model aircraft enthusiasts, you should better not use fuel filling agent, because it will make the fuel burn at the same time of increasing the power of the engine, so that to make the cylinder head to get into a high temperature. Without good lubrication, the engine will be wear and tear badly, and it also has a strong corrosion resistance and toxicity, even the price is higher than others.

3. The cleanness of fuel
All fuel after configured should be standing for 12 hours, and then filtered by a filter paper machine.

And always remind that clean oil is your engine's life-blood, and always use high quality oil and the recommended ratio of lubricating capacity.