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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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  • 15 Tips for Using the RC Model Airplane Engine

    RC model airplane engine is a machine manufactured precision; we should pay attention to some tips before we use it. (Also read Tips in Adjusting the AGM 30 Gasoline Engine and Tips When Converting RC Gas Engines to Electric) 1. We should install the engine in the model airplane stability, and to use the high quality engine and model airplane to make sure that our flight can be a safe one. 2. All the people around you to see the RC model airplane should keep 6-7 meters far away from you when

  • A Comprehensive Analysis of Engine Crankshaft Fracture

    Crankshaft fracture is a serious fault for the RC model airplane, and the fracture usually occurred in the crank pin and the parts of power concentrated which connected the round corner and journal oil hole between the main journal and the crank arm. The main reason for crankshaft fracture: 1.Some individual users choose improper engine oil, or do not pay attention to "/" clean replacement, oil long-term use of metamorphism; Serious overloading, super hung, so that run the engin

  • A Safety Gas Engine will Give You a Happy Flying

    Engine used for supporting the RC model airplane to fly in the air have been around a while, there is no special record on that. Nowadays, airplane engines are with more flavors and configurations come in the market and have been widely used by many of RC hobbyists. Most of the skilled players would be rather to buy the airplane engine from the famous brands, because the large and famous brands can give them more insurance on the quality of the products as well as high performance. Flying model

  • About AGM-60 10-Day Countdown Sale

    Great news for all AGM valuable customers: after waiting for a long time, AGM 60cc twin cylinder gasoline engine will be arriving in the USA on Oct. 21 and able to ship out from our warehouse on the same day. In order to express our gratitude, here we are holding a 10-day countdown sale. 1.What's AGM 10-day countdown sale and rule? Countdown sale is the first event held by AGM Company. 10-day only! The event will run from Oct. 11th through Oct. 21st (EST), and it is only for the US customers

  • Advantages of Two Stroke Engine

    As a small engine working for supplying power for our model RC airplane, two-stroke engine is used more widely. Two-stroke engine has taken a certain space in the market as a source of small gasoline engine power. The distinctive features of two stroke engines differ from the four stroke engine is the simple structure and few movement parts. Two stroke engines do not have valves. It can simplify the structure. In addition, due to two stroke engines ignite for once after it runs for one cycle, t

  • AGM - 60 Limited Quantities for Leasing + $1.49/day in the US

    The newest twin RC engine AGM 60cc is opening for leasing in the United States, this leasing activity is offered for all the US players to experience the perfect job done by using this AGM 60cc gasoline engine. While, there only several available for leasing in the hobby store agm-engine.com. Leasing AGM 60cc twin RC engine has been an affordable method for most of the RC hobbyists to try to use this brand new engine with less costly. And which allows the customers to use it for 30 days or 45

  • AGM 30cc Gas Engine First Flight Video Share

    RC hobbyists can now get a long time flight with their model RC airplanes in the air, and that is all thanks to the new engine. A good gas engine can support your model airplane to get a smooth, perfect and long time flight for your model RC airplane. AGM 30cc gasoline engine has turned out to be a good choice for the RCers, it was upgraded with a rear carb instead of a pseudo side carb, auto advancing electronic ignition for fast starting and CM6 style sparks plug. There are some players who

  • AGM 60cc Twin Cylinder Gas Engine is Accept Pre-Order

    AGM 60cc gas engine is added to the sales which now accept for pre-order at agm-engine.com. This new engine is a new design and the second engine that produced from AGM China factory. AGM is one of the brands which researching and producing gas engine for model RC airplane. This brand is new in the market and it is focus on manufacturing gas engines and engine accessories including muffler exhaust, carburetor, and cylinder etc. The AGM 60cc gas engine is the second engine from this factory

  • AGM Bundle Sales Promotion - What to Look for and How to Get The

    AGM gasoline engine bundle sale promotions are the best way to get savings on these hobby items. You can get two brand new gasoline engines without have to worry about all of the hassle and risk that comes with purchasing another brand engine. What's more is that you can get them at cheap prices which are much lower than other brands with the same configurations. What to look for in an AGM bundle package This AGM bundle package includes two different petrol engines of AGM 30cc and AGM

  • AGM Carburetor Adjustment Troubleshooting

    Carburetor or carb is used to deliver the correct amount of air and fuel mixture at a given throttle opening for an internal combustion engine. It is relatively simple devices. However, as with all mechanical devices, carburetors will wear over time and will also require periodic tuning and service. Keeping your carburetor and linkages clean and well adjusted is very important for your AGM-30 gasoline engine has a smooth-running. The air coming into the carburetor is clean and free of debri