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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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By David Moody
verified buyer
Date Added: 11/05/2013
The fact that they are actually allowing folks to lease this machine is enough alone to warrant high marks. I hope it doesn't hurt them by doing so because over time I will own a dozen of the different engines they are leasing. For me it was the only possible way to own a nice new 50 cc engine. Now for the good stuff... The engine came in two days. It is packaged very nicely and is made very well. It started up almost instantly just as soon as fuel reached the carb. It smoothed out quickly and sounds great. There is a very big plus to this machine in addition to what I have mentioned so far.

The price is great too bet the biggie is that it puts out 7 horse power and that is a true statement. None of my others in this size range do so even the DA only puts out 6. SO for less money by half I have a great running machine and for the 40 dollar pmt will have it forever. The fact that they also award you with 50 percent credit towards buying more engines only helps the matter this means next year I will have one of the 30cc engines for nothing. How can you beat that???

Thanks AGM for such a great way to pay and for the quality in your engine.. I will report more after a hundred hours of flight time...