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Tips When Converting RC Gas Engines to Electric

Before converting your RC gas engine to an electric one, there are some details to be concerned. Such as the battery working time: how long will it work during the flight? Due to the advanced lithium battery technology, generally a 10 minute flight is available even for large scale aircraft. Players needn't to worry about the overheating or fire hazards specially.

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Also, figure out the following questions can help convert the engine effectively.

Evaluate the RC model that you want to convert. What you want it become (a sport plane or trainer) determines what components you will buy.

For example: Hangar 9 Arrow with a 40 size gas engine. This model needs an electric RC motor equivalent to an AXI 2826/12 External Rotor Brushless. By using its semi-symmetrical wing, this motor would help the model to perform basic aerobatics. Then you can decide to buy the proper motor, battery, and prop according to the specifications.

As for battery, if you want to the plane fly more time and give more performances, a Lithium Polymer battery is a better choice. This battery used the most advanced battery technology and quite expensive as well. Others like lithium ion and nickel metal hydride are relatively common as they may add more weights or have other problems during flight.

1.Find a proper ESC (electronic speed control) for the engine.
The ESC connects to the motor, battery and receiver. Therefore, it has to possess the features like number of battery packs, servos and have programmable characters.

2.Prop Selection is also an important consideration.
When converting the gas engine into an electric one, there is a possibility that the model plane will not have enough clearance when using an electric motor prop. It may need modifications to the landing gear (making them longer) so that the prop has clearance. Players can choose a suitable propeller according to the specification of gas engine.

3.The cooling of battery pack and ESC.
Many players are used to mount the ESC on the outside of model plane, for example, under the engine on the firewall. In this case, modelers have to ensure the cooling of battery inside the model, otherwise, the batteries and ESC may be overheated and cause unnecessary damages.