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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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What gas engine is the best value - AGM 30 vs. AGM 60?

Last month, AGM revealed its latest gas engine device, the AGM 60cc, to a pack of unwieldy fans and modelers. The AGM 60cc engine follows in the steps of iterations of the AGM: once again, AGM created this new engine that lightweight, strong power, work smooth and less noisy.

While the AGM 60cc is one of the most popular engines on the market, which have sold a good record since it comes out of the factory. AGM is still selling the AGM 30cc gas engine because this is the first engine, and this engine has combined a lot of advantages from other engines to make this engine works more power. Even though the AGM 30cc performance weaker and have a noisy compared with AGM 60cc, it's being offered at a significant discount. For these players who are looking forward to purchasing their first engine, it is hard to make a decision about which one should they choose.

Difference between AGM 30cc and AGM 60cc engine is obvious: the AGM 60cc is a twin opposed cylinder gasoline engines with two mufflers on both sides, and which can keep a good balance for the engine during it working. And the design and parameters of this gasoline engine are also better than the first one. But the selling price of the AGM 60cc is higher than the first one; many players who are wondering about purchasing a new gasoline engine on a budget would like to know what the better value is. Is the AGM 60cc really worth the extra money?

AGM-30 airplane engine AGM-60/60cc twin cylinder gas engine

Here we have made a comparison between the two engines:

Specifications: The AGM 30cc gasolise engine has a horsepower of 3.7hp/8500rpm and idle speed of 1600/min, and the displacement is only 30cc. While the AGM 60cc comes with two cylinders, its displacement is 61cc, the horsepower of this engine is getting to 7hp/8500rpm and an idle speed of 1400/min.

Performance: The AGM 30cc engine will performance well with correct adjustment and fine-tuning, normally, you should to break in this engine and to make it match well with your airplane, this engine can suit for the aircraft props in the sizes of 18x8, 18x10, 19x8, 20x6 2-blade, 16x10 3-blade, 16x8 4-blade Mustang. While the AGM 60cc has a larger power than the former item, it can support props in sizes of 22×10; 23×8; 23×10; 24×8 2-blade. This gasoline engine has solved the problem of loudly noise released from the airplane, and offers players a super smooth flight.

Price:The AGM 60cc is sold for $399.99 on the official website, and you can use a coupon code of $8 to purchase this engine; while the AGM 30cc is sold as low as $179.99 if you can get a coupon code of $5, then you'll only need to pay for it for $174.99.

Conclusion: The AGM 60cc gasolise engine has improved several components of the AGM 30cc and it is enough to justify the extra money, but we cannot say that this gas engine is a better value, because every players has its own considerations when choosing a gas engine for their aircraft, the best suitable which will be the best for them.

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