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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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What Makes AGM Engines Different from Others?

With the popularity of the model RC airplane, the prospects for airplane gas engine showed to be bright. Not to belittle the functions of gas engine, it plays a key role in the model airplane flight, and sometimes it is determined how long the airplane can fly in the air and keep you a balance flight. DLE have been popular for some time last year, however, the AGM gas engine's coming, has brought the gas engine enter into a new world.

Sometimes, we may get troubled by the loudly noisy, and the heavy weight of the gas engine, which is not convenient for us to install it on our RC airplane and run it. But now, that is not what affects you to have a wonderful flight experience any more. A new generation of the gas engine developed by AGM Company over the past years has come out, which has made the airplane engines work more effective and little fuel consumption. It is no exaggeration to say that, the AGM gas engine with the same reputation for unreliability and durable performance as the great work of DLE. It is possible to catch up with and even over the sales of DLE gas engine before long.

How can AGM gas engine make it different from others and even passed them?

In July, 2013, AGM has launched its first gasoline engine AGM 30cc, this new pack of this gas engine is upgrade its pseudo side carb with a rear carb, and using an auto advancing electronic ignition to start the engine fast, a CM6 style spark plug make the engine fast starting and easy to work. This gas engine has a better fuel economy for the users, which can save you a lot of money.

AGM 30cc is not the only engine produced by AGM factory, after the release of AGM 30cc gas engine, there are also two gasoline engines were revealed to be public at the end of September that is AGM 60cc and AGM 64cc gas engine. The AGM 60cc gas engine is a twin cylinder engine which showed a great work on saving fuel and decrease the loudly voice, what's more, all the gas engines from AGM are light weight, so it is more convenient for your airplane to carry it fly in higher level.

AGM-64 gas engine
AGM-64/64cc Single Cylinder Gas Engine
AGM-60 Twin Clyinder gas engine
AGM-60 Twin Clyinder gas engine

These gas engines are all have one year warranty and can be sending back to buyers if there are any problems. AGM insures to provide all the products with the best chargeable price and cheap than any other online store.

Have questions? Feel free to contact customer service 001-503-515-7590 or send your message to sales@agm-engine.com. We are ready and happy to help you.

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