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What Oil is best suitable for Two-Cycle Gasoline Engine?

Most of the new players may ask the same question of "What oil should I choose to use in my two-cycle engine?" when they first play the RC airplane. And the answer is varied, I cannot say that which oil is the best for your model RC airplane, but I'd like to analyze some tips for you to choose the oil for your two- cycle gasoline engine.

The lubrication characteristic determines the difference between two-stroke gasoline engine oil and diesel engine, and four-cycle oil etc. In the process of running, gasoline and lubricating oil enter into the carburetor according to a certain proportion, and the lubricating oil has formed small oil then droplets into the friction surface. Due to the two-stroke engine use the crankcase to ventilate, when the mixture containing small droplets into the crankcase.

Some of the oil droplets will attach on the main bearing of the two sides of the crankshaft, and which has connected to the bearing surfaces of all components on the end of the rod, and has done a lubrication effect on these parts. The tiny oil droplets attached to the cylinder wall will form a layer of oil film, and the oil film flow from up to down to lubricate these friction surfaces like the piston, piston ring and cylinder wall, finally mixed with air and enter into the cylinder combustion.

However, the oil function is the same with diesel engine and four-stroke motor engine. All of them are used in the integrated lubrication combined with forced lubrication and splash lubrication. Main bearing of crankshaft, connecting rod bearing, and camshaft bearing lubrication are all using the force lubrication, and the rest are using splash lubrication, most of the engine oil was back to the crankcase and using for recycling, which has greatly reduces the oil consumption and the generation of carbon deposit.

Therefore, two-cycle oil is distinct from other oils in its performances. If you use the four-stroke motor engine oil, diesel oil in the two-stroke gasoline engine, it is impossible to prevent the spark plug carbon deposit, and the piston deposits will be easy to lead to the gasoline engine burning earlier, and discharge black smoke.

There are several different types of oils which are used for the power generation, and each of them is with its own characteristics. Mineral based oils are always used when the engine is running, which can play a good job of keeping the internal parts good lubricate and prevent it to form rust. It can also use to clean the carbon deposits and stuck rings. Synthetic oils are also having a good function of lubrication, and it can only be used during the gas model engine out of work.

Normally, Pennzoil for air cooled engines and amsoil synthetic oil for 2-cycle gas engines is widely used. Because the Pennzoil gives the best lubrication for our gasoline engine in the process of running, be sure that to keep Pennzoil for air-cooled engines mixed at 50: 1 proportion to make it have a fully burning.

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