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AGM-30 Gas Engine

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Which Gasoline Engine is the Best for Your RC Airplane?

AGM gas engine is widely used in the RC airplane and welcomed by most of the RC hobbyists in the US, and now it spreading to other countries including the UK, some European countries and others. There are several gasoline engines listed on agm-engine.co.uk, which you can do your own selection according to your needs.

The AGM 30cc gas engine is the basic gasoline engine at this online store. It is the only one engine available for sale and lease at present. This gasoline engine has come into the market for about three months, and agm-engine.com has sold it for $179.99 to all the RC players. AGM 30cc gasoline engine is the first one engine produced and sold from AGM Company, and which has brought a good beginning for this company yet.

Buying the AGM 30cc gasoline engine at the cheapest price that will bring you save some money, but you can get the same performance with your model RC airplane with DLE or even better than it. This gasoline engine use the newest technology upgraded a rear carb instead of a pseudo side carb, and it has done a good job on the muffler, to make the noisy declined to a certain level.

Coming soon with two gasoline engines, one is a twin cylinder gasoline engine of AGM 60cc gasoline engine and another is a single cylinder engine AGM 64cc. Both of them are revealed to come into the market at the end of September. The AGM 60cc gasoline engine is a twin cylinder engine, which said to be the best smoother engine in the market. Since it is a twin cylinder, two sides of this engine have made a good balance effect. What's more, this gas engine has a large output which can offer enough energy supporting the airplane to run a long time in the air.

AGM-64 is also a single cylinder gasoline engine. It is said to have more advantages than the AGM-30 gasoline engine. And there still has no detail specification revealed by agm-engine.com yet.

While, for the above three gasoline engines, which one do you prefer? Is the AGM 30cc gasoline engine more chargeable for you or AGM 60cc gasoline engine suitable better for your model airplane? You can go to agm-engine.com to select the one you like or pre-order them now!

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